Before You Hire Your Fire Protection Service Company Also Find This

1. Does the Company Offer Free Cost Estimates?

Not every company offers this privilege. It is easy to work with a company that does free cost estimates before starting the project. You will know the approximate figure to invest in and be ready to start work. Have in mind that only a few Vancouver fire protection companies offer full range of fire protection service.

Additionally, it’s easy to have a company offering complete services work for you. It saves time and money. Estimates eliminate surprises during payments.

2. How Long Will the Contract Last?

The contract will last depending on your project. There are four phases of fire services.

  • Phase 1 – It involves reviewing your current outreach.
  • Phase 2 – It involves messaging development, creating a calendar for activities, and production of materials.
  • Phase 3 – It involves the implementation of a recruitment campaign.
  • Phase 4 – It involves the evaluation of results and planning long term activities.

3. Where Should the Fire Service Provider Be Located?

There is an advantage in hiring a local fire service provider. The company knows your area well and can meet regularly for a talk. Also, the business has good ties with the community.

However, choose a fire service provider you are comfortable with, including outside companies. Outside personnel can also provide excellent services. Thanks to technology, many forms of communication are available. Arrange business meetings to talk about progress on both sides. Meet when everything is ready to start your project.

4. Does the Company Offer Turn-Key Services?

A reputable fire and water damage restoration company ensures that everything is easy for the client. The fire service provider should provide complete fire safety services. Additionally, the company should be passionate about providing excellent customer services.

When it comes to fire damages, you don’t want to hire a company with a low response rate. Fires are critical. You need a company that will receive your first call and takes less time to get to your place. Choose a reliable company.

5. Other Questions to Consider Asking

1) Will the Company Work Directly with Your Insurance?
Nothing wastes time like chasing after your insurance company. A reputable fire restoration company should save you all that trouble. An experienced fire protection service provider should know how to handle insurance claims.

The company should also be willing to work with your insurance provider to ensure a complete, safe, and timely fire damage restoration.

2) Who Owns the Company?
Some people may take this question as an unnecessary approach. However, it is crucial to know the person in charge. There is a big difference between working with a franchise company and a family operated fire service provider.

Family-owned companies have a more vested interest in the community. Such companies align with significant values of transparency, fairness, dependability, and honesty.

3) Does the Company Drug Test Employees?
Many people will ignore this question. However, it is essential to work with a sober team. Many companies don’t drug test their employees. Having drug addicts work for you is risky. You may have a bad experience during the project.

Such employees may bring drugs to your home and business. You end up on the wrong side of the government. Work with a drug-free team to maintain your reputation in the community.

4) What Fire Protection Services Do You Offer?
The fire protection service you need will depend on the vendor you choose. Some companies concentrate on one or two types of services. For instance, some companies perform a kitchen system inspection and portable fire extinguishers.

Other vendors focus on fire alarms or sprinklers. Choose a company that covers all your fire protection services.


Do you have a fire protection company? If you have not taken a fire cover, find the best fire service provider and enjoy fire protection benefits.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Fire Protection Service Company

Are you thinking about hiring a fire protection company? Fire accidents are terrible. Ensure to protect your home if you should experience such an incident.

Many companies offer fire safety services. However, finding a legitimate fire service provider can be difficult. To hire the right team for your fire protection needs, ensure to research thoroughly. Ask the following questions when researching.

1. How Much Will Fire Protection Company Cost?

Every service comes with a price. It would be best if you research the fire service’s cost. Prices may vary depending on the company.

Some companies may be expensive compared to others. Do your cost estimates and see if you can pay the cost. Additionally, be transparent with your potential fire protection company.

Talk about what you can afford to see if the company is open to price negotiations. You don’t want to make a deal without knowing where your investment can get you. Also, agree with the fire safety providers on a clear set of deliverables along a specific time.

fire protection services

2. Does the Company Have Certifications and Credentials?

Don’t hire a fire service provider, blindly. It’s important to know if the company is legitimate or not. Look for a Certification document like the IICRC.

The document indicates that the fire service provider has reached specific standards of performance. Also, ask your potential fire protection company about its accreditations and what they mean to your project.

Additionally, ask if the company is licensed. You don’t want to bring an unconcerned team to your business or home. Personnel that works behind the government’s back is not worth your trust, money, and time.

What is worse, them running away with your investment or getting caught in their mess? Take precautions by staying on the right side.

3. How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

Experience plays a crucial role when giving services. Find out how long the company has been in the market. Choose a company that has spent more time in the industry for excellent services.

To prove its experience, ask the company to provide proof of its existence. Additionally, ask the company about some of its clients. Read about its reviews to know what clients are saying about it. Also, ask about the company’s biggest project, how long clients work with it, etc.